7 Reasons Why Adhesives are Replacing Mechanical Fasteners in the Automotive Industry

    4k-wallpaper-automobile-automotive-branding-1149137Adhesives in the Automotive Industry


    Trending in the Automotive Industry is the swap from mechanical fastenings to using adhesives. Here are 7 reasons why:


    1) Adhesives are good for bonding dissimilar parts. Traditionally, mechanical fasteners such as bolts, rivets, screws, and welds were used to connect parts in car manufacturing.[4] But all these mechanical fasteners pose a challenge when trying to connect items of different materials; like metal to glass or plastic to steel.[1]

    From an engineering standpoint, it is difficult to drill holes in metals, plastics, and glass. In addition, dissimilar parts expand at different rates due to heat and pressure.[2] This causes stress on the bond and warping to the materials which could lead to problems and possible failure of the parts.[2]

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    Customer Service That Even the Most Demanding Appreciate

    In this very competitive business environment, great customer service is not a luxury – it is a necessity.Brandywine Materials has a well-deserved reputation for excellent customer service – even the most demanding are satisfied.



    We serve customers on all continents – well almost all continents. Without prompt attention to customer needs, there would be no international sales.

    What is excellent customer service? To begin with, the needs of the customer supersede all else during the workday. From having a “human voice” answer the phone to responding to incoming email requests for quotes, samples, order placement, order status and technical support – within 5 – 10 minutes - about 95% of the time. Incoming email is monitored 7 days a week, well into the evening. This is a must for international business, but also serves to keep domestic customers “satisfied”. Customers in Asia are often surprised when emails sent to us at 2 AM local time, are answered quickly – at times insomnia can be useful!

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    Test of video posting directed to Facebook

    Test of video posting directed to Facebook. This video is an overview of the 'adhesives universe'.


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    MIXPAX MixCoat 2-Component Coating Easy Spray

    We'd like to present a short video showing the MIXPAX MixCoatTM  2-Component Coating Easy Spray System "in action".  The MIXPAX MixCoatTM  cartridge based application system is used for efficient, clean and cost optimized repair work.  The MixCoatTM  Spray system is used for 2-component coatings in small volume applications, touch-up and repair. 

    These  systems are used with MixpacTM  F-System cartridges,  940 ml to 1,500 ml capacity, total volume. MFH or MFQ mixers are used with the cartridge. The dispensers designed for this application are the DM (manual) and DPD (pneumatic).

    Additional information can be found on our dispensing system website at www.brandywinedispensers.com Information can be obtained by emailing us at mixcoat@brandywine.tc

    Sulzer Mixpac K-System Dual Syringe

    Sulzer Mixpac K-System Dual Syringe

    Small repairs? The K-system is ideal for low volume, precise applications

    This system offers a range of MIXPAC™ syringes with volumes of 2.5 mL, 5 mL, and 10 mL for professional repair sets and DIY applications, and is available with different mixing ratios. The mixer assortment includes different mixing elements, lengths, diameters, mixer tips, and other accessories.

    Syringes are used to deliver small quantities of material with precise placement and little waste. An example is its use in dispensing electrically conductive, silver-filled epoxy products. This type of material is typically used as a flexible "cold-solder" for heat-sensitive components where hot-soldering is impractical. It also can be used for the assembly and repair of electrical modules, flexible circuits, membrane switches, wave guides, flat cable and high frequency shields.

    K-system sizes


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    This is a test. See video below.

    Sulzer Mixpac F-System Cartridges – Basics

    Sulzer Mixpac F-System Cartridges – Basics

    Sulzer MIXPAC™ F-System cartridges are a patented, uniquely designed system that serves as both the primary package and as a precision metering container for 2-component adhesives and sealants. The design differs from the standard C-System cartridges in several ways. Most important is the outlet – the F-System has individual outlets for each of the two components. This helps to minimize cross contamination and insures accurate, clean dispensing.

    F-style cartridges are available in four ratios - 1:1, 2:1, 4:1 and 10:1 – and two volumes – 200 ml and 400 ml. Three materials of construction are available including: PP (polypropylene), PA6 (nylon) and PBT (polyester). Virtually any commonly formulated product can be used with these F-style cartridges.

    Cartridge features include

    • Excellent chemical resistance
    • Excellent shelf-life and storage stability
    • Patented locking system (separate component outlets adapted to volume flow)
    • High pressure resistance prevents blow-by and insures top performance and very accurate metering
    • Increased storage stability
    • Separate outlets - No cross-contamination at outlet - High metering precision
    • Absolutely leak-proof connection to mixer
    • Patented interface - Increased process safety - Makes use of incompatible mixers difficult
    • Prevents cross-contamination

    Cartridge filling will be reviewed in a future blog post.

    For additional information, please contact technical@brandywine.tc

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    Our New Blog - About Brandywine Materials, LLC

    This is a first in a series of blog articles pertaining to adhesive mixing and dispensing equipment, adhesives technology, specific applications and a variety of other technology and materials science articles of interest to the "adhesive users community". The blog will emphasize Sulzer Mixpac Products Frequently, customers ask us – "Why Brandywine...
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