Mixpac Series AJ and Series AC Cartridges for Construction 

    Sulzer Mixpac 450, 600, 825 ml and 1,500 ml Cartridges for Two-Component Adhesives

    CLICK THIS LINK FOR:  Compatible Static Mixers and Dispensing Guns for Series-AJ and Series-AC cartridges 

    ProductVolume mlRatioMaterial***
    AC 450-02-10-014502:1PP
    AC 450-02-10-054502:1PP
    AC 450-02-30-014502:1PA
    AC 600-01-10-016001:1PP
    AC 600-01-10-026001:1PP
    AC 600-01-10-036001:1PP
    AC 600-01-30-016001:1PA
    AJ 150-01-10-0115001:1PP
    AJ 150-01-10-0215001:1PP
    AJ 150-01-10-0315001:1PP
    AJ 150-01-10-0415001:1PP
    AJ 150-01-10-0515001:1PP
    AJ 150-01-30-0115001:1PA
    AJ 825-10-10-0582510:1PP
    AJ 825-10-30-0182510:1PA
    AJ 825-10-30-0582510:1PA

    *** PP = Polypropylene
    PA = Nylon

    10 Sulzer Mixpac J Series 600ml

    AJ Series Mixpac Cartridges - Compatible Mixpac Static Mixers and Dispensing Guns

    Volume (ml)4506008251500
    Static Mixer     




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