Sulzer Mixpac SH Series Shrouds for Static Mixers

    SH series shrouds are used with static mixers for meter mix dispense (automated) machine appliations. If a shroud is not used, the static mixer housing can expand under high pressure, allowing the adhesive components to bypass the elements causing improper mix ratios. Shrouds are also used for safety reasons. Typical applications include epoxy, urethane, silicone and chemical dispensing.

    Part NumberFor Mixer
    For 7/8" - 9" Threads 
    SH 05-24-09ME or MS 05-24
    SH 05-32-09ME or MS 05-32
    SH 06-24-09ME or MS 06-24
    SH 06-32-09ME or MS 06-32
    SH 06-48-09ME or MS 06-48
    SH 06-56-09MS 06-56
    SH 08-24-09ME or MS 08-24
    SH 08-32-09ME or MS 08-32
    SH 10-24-09ME or MS 10-24
    SH 10-32-09ME or MS 10-32
    SH 13-24-09ME or MS 13-24
    SH 13-32-09ME or MS 13-32
    SH 10-44-09ME or MS 1012-0832
    SH 13-44-09ME or MS 1312-1032
    For 7/8" - 14" Threads 
    SH 05-24-14ME or MS 05-24
    SH 05-32-14ME or MS 05-32
    SH 06-24-14ME or MS 06-24
    SH 06-32-14ME or MS 06-32
    SH 06-48-14ME or MS 06-48
    SH 06-56-14ME 06-56
    SH 08-24-14ME or MS 08-24
    SH 08-32-14ME or MS 08-32
    SH 10-24-14ME or MS 10-24
    SH 10-32-14ME or MS 10-32
    SH 13-24-14ME or MS 13-24
    SH 13-32-14ME or MS 13-32
    SH 10-44-14ME or MS 1012-0832
    SH 13-44-14ME or MS 1312-1032



    shroud1    shroud2





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