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    Sulzer Mixpac BSD Series Spreader Tips for Static Mixers

    BSD series spreader tips are used for specialized adheisve dispensing applications. The Ribbon Spreader Tip applies a 1.5" bead of adhesives from special 3/8" ID x 20 or 24-element static mixers. The Ribbon Tip can rotate 360‘ for easy adhesive application.

    Part Number Description Width (mm) For Mixer Series Mixer ID
    BSDQ 08-38 Bead Spreader Tip 38 MCQ, MFQ, MFQX 8
    BSD 08-50 Bead Spreader Tip 50 M.H and M.HX 8
    BSD 10-25 Bead Spreader Tip 25 MCH 10-20D, MCH 10-24D 10
    BSD 10-40 Bead Spreader Tip 40 MCH 10-20D, MCH 10-24D 10
    BSD 13-50 Bead Spreader Tip 50 M.hH and M.HXX 13
    TA 10-ET Tapered Tip Outlet, 2.5mm MFH, MFHX 10
    TC 10-ET Gap Filling Tip   MFH, MFHX 10


    spreader tip





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