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    Mixpac AB S Series 50ml Cartridges 

    Sulzer Mixpac 50 ml Cartridges for Two-Component Adhesives


    CLICK THIS LINK FOR:  Compatible Static Mixers and Dispensing Guns for Series-AB S cartridges 

    Product Volume ml Ratio Material***
    AB S50-01-10-01 50 1:1 PP
    AB S50-02-10-01 50 2:1 PP
    AB S50-04-10-01 50 4:1 PP
    AB S50-10-20-01 50 10:1 PBT
    AB S50-32-10-01 50 3:2 PP

    *** PP = Polypropylene
    PA = Nylon
    PBT = Polyester

    5 sulzer mixpac AB S 50ml series cartridges GroupPhoto3
    4 sulzer mixpac AB S 50ml series cartridges graphic

    AB S50 Series Mixpac Cartridges - Compatible Mixpac Static Mixers and Dispensing Guns

    Volume (ml) 50 50 50 50 50
    Ratio 1:1 3:2 2:1 4:1 10:1
    Static Mixer           
    Sulzer Mixpac MBH MBH MBH MBHX MBHX
    Sulzer Mixpac MBQ MBQ MBQ MBQX MBQX
    Dispensing Gun          
    Sulzer Mixpac DS 53-01-00** DS 53-01-00** DS 53-01-00** DMA 51-00-10 DMA 51-00-10
    Cox A50S/10*** A50S/10*** A50S/10*** A50/4:10 A50/4:10




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